For Take Out or Eat In

Found is a fit-for-purpose solution for our new reality. We enable food and drink venues to boost sales and productivity by allowing staff to focus on wowing customers with excellent service, while we provide a better in-venue ordering and smoother checkout experience. 

As we all know, long queues at restaurants and pubs are no longer acceptable and soon to follow will be traditional ordering and payment mechanisms like physical menus and credit cards which are covered in germs.

All we need is your menu and leave the rest to us. Get our service FREE for your first 4 weeks, with just a small transaction fee thereafter. If you are in the UK or UAE, click the partner with us button to get the ball rolling!

Try the app now!

Try the App!

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A Better Ordering Experience

Found allows customers to order and pay directly from their smartphones with less waiting, fewer errors and a fast, contact-free interaction.

Order in-app and skip the queue!

Take-Out or Eat-In, our easy-to-use screens put convenience at your fingertips.

Get the best deals on food and drink

Found makes ordering food more affordable with regular and exclusive promotions from our partners.

Pay quickly and securely

Pay using Apple/Google Pay or any major credit card and we’ll let you know when your order is ready.

Try the app now!


A Better App For The New Reality

We know that Cash(flow)is King

Found is the only third party food ordering platform (we know of) that remits money to their partners in real-time while other platforms typically hold on to YOUR cash for up to a month. We understand that margins are slim, and our split payment technology ensures that you get paid when we get paid.

Happy employees mean satisfied customers

Without the stress of order taking and payment collection, done via Found, employees are not only more productive, but also happier. Happy employees mean satisfied customers which translates into higher order values and repeat business. Added bonuses are reduced till errors and theft.

Support distancing practices

Recent advisories recommend the use of food ordering apps to help customers keep their distance.

No one enjoys a queue - do you?

Waiting in line turns customers away. Shorter queues means faster service and throughput, increasing orders and more revenue. It’s that simple!

Get with the times

Cash and credit cards are notoriously covered in germs, and most businesses are turning to digital payments to protect your community. Digitally pre-paying for orders also safeguard against runners who partake and leave before they pay.

Work smarter, not harder

Our vendor portal gives you real-time data on your customers: what they order the most/least so you prepare what sells to reduce wastage and maximise sales. 



With everything going on in the world today, food and drink venues must digitise now if they are to survive.

Found is an easy first step in the process that can bring immediate and tangible benefits via increased sales and productivity.


Let's get you started

We built Found as simple and effective tech that is easy to implement so we can onboard your business and have you trading in less than 72 hours.


Make contact

Click the green buttons on this site, fill out the short form, and our team will contact you within a few hours.


Send your menu

We just need your agreement and menu, and we’ll set you up and get you trained via video call in less than an hour.


Start selling

Accept and serve orders via your own device or request a Found handheld. Orders are made in typically less than a minute, are error-free and of a higher value when placed via an ordering app.


Register your venue to get on found

Enter your details and our team will get in touch with you to do the rest!